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Many patients can use these garments in place of bandage wrapping.

Inelastic compression garments is the opposite of elastic compression in that the products do not stretch when circumference changes occur as the result of body movement. So what occurs when the body is in movement is that the actual compression level under inelastic compression will rise and fall, thus creating a dynamic compression system.

This change in compression with inelastic compression has been demonstrated to have dramatic effects in improved venous hemodynamics and edema reduction. Inelastic compression is achieved with Unnas boot bandages, short-stretch bandages, multi-layer bandages as well as with inelastic adjustable wraps.

While bandage systems do provide a dynamic compression effect their main drawback is that they do not adjust with reductions in the limb size and as such over the course of wear the compression level drops. This requires that the bandages be removed and reapplied quite often to maintain adequate compression for the treatment. They are designed for durability and ease of use to allow patients to lead independent lives.

Medical Compression “In Elastic” Support

Ankle & Foot Piece

Foot and ankle In-elastic  garment can fit almost any foot shape. Gives great ankle and foot support and give coverage for ankle and foot compression.

Solaris   Farrow  Circaid BiaCare

Arm Sleeve

Patients become tired of struggling with elastic compression sleeves or wraps everyday. This is a great alternative enabling the patient to don the sleeve with a single hand. This garment can be worn for daytime or night time.

Solaris   Farrow  Circaid BiaCare


Our In-Elastic Compression Gauntlets are used for Lymphedema in the hand. The gauntlet gives coverage from the wrist to the base of the fingers.

Solaris   Farrow  Circaid


Our In-Elastic Compression Glove are used for Lymphedema in the hand and fingers. The glove gives hand coverage from the wrist to mid fingers. The garment can be made to fit almost any hand shape.

Solaris   Farrow  Circaid

Foot, Calf, Knee, Thigh (comes in sections and each piece a separate product)

These wraps are designed to be an easy and effective alternative to elastic compression garments or multi-layered bandaging. If your patient has trouble donning elastic daywear, or can benefit from low-stretch compression a wrap garment may be the perfect option. Can be worn with compression hosiery for additional support

and protection.

Solaris   Farrow  Circaid  BiaCare

Listed Below are some of the most popular in the In Elastic Compression Products and the different companies that supply that product.

Many of these products come in a variety of sizes, colors, fabric and additional options including custom garments.